Asset protection

We have a proven track record of integrating tracking products for both governmental and commercial asset protection requirements. We follow the movement of stolen objects and perform recovery operations together with local Law Enforcement Authorities.

Our Governmental Asset Protection is used by Police for fighting crime by utilizing our specially built and deployed high-theft-risk devices.

Our Commercial Asset Protection is designed to allow tracking, tracing and recovery of any kind of personally owned asset, such as but not limited to: heavy construction equipment, personal vehicles, farming machinery, boats, and more.

Law Enforcement Cooperation / Governmental

Property crime, such as theft of smartphones, bicycles, motorcycles, computers, TV, navigation systems, money in shops, construction equipment, and other personal and commercial assets is traditionally difficult for the law enforcement authorities to fight.

We have a proven record of combining different methods of tracking to help support the Dutch police’s decoy operations with recovery rates nearing 100%.

We assure our record high recovery rates in addition to the traditional GPS tracking which many commercial products offer.

Commercial Asset Protection

We have demonstrated an unmatched ability to install covert devices in private assets, with an excellent autonomous battery efficiency and with means to assist recovery in over 99% of situations.

We are able to track, trace and assist recovery in most of Europe, and are able to extend the services globally.

We have developed our www.Locate.Global platform to the needs of this business line.  Multiple instances of the service exist, e.g. and some others.

Facility monitoring

We provide various methods of monitoring private and commercial facilities against burglary, fire and other kinds of alerts coming through equipment installed on premises of the monitored facilities.

Home and Commercial Facility Alarm Monitoring

We provide a range of solutions to monitor burglary and other kinds of residential and commercial alarms. Our Control Room responds to the alarm, verifies the situation with the customer, and involves a local security patrol service or local emergency services as the situation dictates. We are able to combine standard alarm systems with video surveillance equipment when necessary.

Passive monitoring

There is a broad range of Passive Monitoring services that our Control Room operators are trained to respond to such as activation of a Panic Alarm button, violations of temperature, a geo-fence, a route-fence, a call by a customer, or an alarm coming in through one of the many alarm applications the Control Room has installed.

Vehicle Fleet Monitoring

AGS provide ‘Passive Monitoring’ services for both commercial and private vehicles. In case of commercial vehicles, we monitor alarms of trucks and trailers carrying vulnerable or valuable cargo. In case of private vehicles, we monitor fleets of valuable private vehicles for alarms, using tracking systems embedded into the vehicles by original manufacturers.

Vehicle Alarm Control

Vehicle Alarm Control is similar in essence to Vehicle Fleet Protection, except that in this case we actively arm and disarm alarms on the subject vehicles per trip, in coordination with dispatching centers of the customers. While “Vehicle Fleet Protection” offers a continuous service of passively monitoring the assets, the “Vehicle Alarm Control” applies for short engagements of service on a per trip basis.

Panic alarm monitoring

Personal Panic Alarm buttons (Brink’s Alert) or other industry offerings can be connected to our Control Room. When a user activates the alarm button, our Control Room will respond according to the specifically agreed procedure, typically calling back, verifying identity and location, and escalating the event as required.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide services for monitoring the environmental parameters for cargo, such as temperature, humidity, exposure to light or shock whether the freight moves by road, air or sea.


Our control room will co-ordinate all aspects relating to when an intervention is required either through our Brink’s Global Services network, authorities and partners such as the EuroWatch network, to activate law enforcement authorities in another country, or by means of dispatch a vehicle using services of one of our partners, who will take care to secure the goods for the period needed until local law enforcement can attend the scene in question.

Active Monitoring

We actively monitor the goods using GPS trackers built into trucks & trailers, while reporting and measuring at agreed and essential check points throughout the supply chain. Our control room intervenes and contacts the agreed point of contact as required when exceptions happen.

We provide two forms of Active Monitoring – under the High Active Monitoring we sustain a regular telephonic contact with the vehicle on the road as well as checking the GPS data to confirm that the plan is progressing according to the pre-set route. For the Basic Active Monitoring service we follow mainly the GPS data, using phone only if the situation requires to.

We further complement our Active Monitoring by means of using emergency panic buttons, which can be built into the trucks as personal loose buttons to the drivers. We use our network of Intervention service partners to react to exceptions when physical presence on the road is required or requested by our customer.


Active Monitoring High

Under Active High monitoring service, the control room operators periodically call the truck drivers, as well as checking the location using the GPS tracking circuits built into the trucks. Operators respond to any exceptions detected according to a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) agreed with the customer.

Active Monitoring Basic

Under Active Basic monitoring service, the control room operators periodically check the position and movement of the trucks using GPS tracking circuits built into the trucks, and respond to exceptions observed compared to the expected behaviour of the vehicle, according to the agreed SOP.

Secured Transportation

When Monitoring Solutions are insufficient for the needs of our customers, and a close presence of guards is required during the trip, we offer services of Escorting and SecuTrans. The Escorting service is used when a large transport needs to be accompanied by a crew of guards to reduce risks of robbery and other risks on the road. The SecuTrans service is used when the transported goods are compact and actually do not require two vehicles, allowing AGS to transport the goods in the own vehicle.

Secured Transportation

We leverage our parent company Brink’s, to provide the additional secure transportation for valuable goods while in transit. Brink’s Global Services is a division of Brink’s Incorporated, the world’s premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions in more than 122 countries across 5 continents. Since 1859, Brink’s Incorporated has developed a proud heritage of service in secure transportation and storage of money and valuables. Brink’s Global Services specialises in the secure transportation and handling of valuable goods throughout the logistic value chain, from raw materials and components to finished products within the mining, banknote, precious metal, jewellery, security, art and pharmaceutical industries. Brink’s Global Services provides value added services such as: Customs Clearance & Brokerage, Inventory Management, Trade Show Services, Cash Processing,

Walk-In Service Centres, Global Freight Monitoring, Free Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses.

Escorting Services

This service is integrated by AGS in partnership with a number of subcontractors, making it possible to quickly involve law enforcement authorities at the place of action. The escort vehicle will follow the cargo while maintaining contract with our control room.

The escort vehicle is equipped with special security features allowing us to improve the security of the goods transported.