The AGS / Brink’s products listed below are offered with AGS’ own tracking platform, which customer can use on either desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. The third party devices can be accessed via the manufacturers own platforms, however, should significant volumes be achieved these can be then integrated into our platform.

As an independent expert we are not biased towards any one provider and recommend the best option dependent on the requirements of our customer.

You will see some of our products further on this page, and you can also navigate to our Tracking Shop.

Brink’s Finder / Brink's Trusted

Brink’s Finder and Brink’s Trusted are leading cellular Location Based Services (LBS) devices, which achieve an incredible battery life cycle of years due to a smart logic which combines LBS with GPS location and with RF-beacon for the last mile. The basic Brink’s Finder and Brink’s Trusted T7 devices can operate for up to 3-4 years without charging while it reports a daily sample.  The extended Brink’s Finder and Brink’s Trusted T5 models can operate up to 10-15 years under similar reporting policy.

Brink’s Finder and Brink’s Trusted are ideally positioned for covert Recovery operations. Active GPS tracking is not on by default, and will be activated by our Control Room following an incident. This overcomes GPS jamming which often occurs at the crime scene but cannot be sustained for too long, and this also reduces the electronic signature of the device, which together with the fact that there are no wires attached, makes it very difficult for the criminals to realize that a tracker is present on the asset.

In case of a reported incident, our Control Room will activate the “Hot / Pursuit” mode for the device, which will wake up the GPS circuit in addition to LBS. This will then activate the RF beacon, and will make the device report frequently.

Brink’s Alert

Brink’s Alert is a panic button which has a smart tracking logic designed to achieve maximum possible battery cycle. It can raise a panic alarm when a customer pushes the ‘SOS’ button, and can raise alerts in the form of SMS, email and voice calls to our Control Room and to the destination of choice of the customer.

The device can be tracked by means of GPS location, Cellular Location Based Services, and in some cases we can also embed an RF beacon into it.

For special needs, we are able to provide a rugged button, which is sealed against humidity and has special features such as ‘man down’.  This version of Brink’s Alert device is charged by means of an inductive charger, while others are charged through a cable at home, your office, or within the vehicle-cabin.

Brink’s Secure

Brink’s Secure is a product we offer for a combination of tracking and recovery services, where the delayed tracking policy of Brink’s Finder cannot be accepted by the customer. Brink’s Secure will usually last around a week between charging cycles, and can be provided with extended battery capacity if needed. The main difference between this product and Brink’s Finder is that the GPS location receiver is always on and the location is reported always with a relatively high frequency.

Brink’s customized tracking devices

Our R&D division is among the first in the world to learn about new tracking techniques that enable us to embed these new techniques in our products as soon as possible. We have mastered the art of disguising a GPS tracker into various forms of devices from our normal life.

Many of our customized devices are used as decoys for anti-theft operation with Law Enforcement and Municipal authorities, and each and every kind of device we built has led to many arrests of criminals within this operation.

Use the ‘Contact’ page to reach out if you are interested to develop a similar project with us.

Partner Products

We keep evaluating innovative products and make partnerships with those products that provide best value to our customers. Being independent, we have no bias against one or other product, and will always offer the product that fits best the intended use case.

Container Locks and Trackers

We are partnering with leading equipment providers to deliver a service which combines best hardware solutions with the response of our Control Room. Since we are independent from a specific vendor of choice, we will always offer the best solution available on the market. The locking solutions can be coupled with our own platform, and at the same time we are flexible to allow and afford using native platforms coming from the equipment providers when it makes sense to do so.

New partners

We continuously evaluate the upcoming technologies and are ready to partner with innovative ideas. Check out our ‘Contact’ page to approach us if you want to be a Partner.